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From our Farm to your Table

Nalo Farms takes great pride in growing its signature Nalo Greens, a mesclun mix bursting with flavor, fresh culinary herbs, unique micro greens, specialty items and its farm fresh harvested honey.  


Agriculture has been the center of Hawaii's culture and community since the days of the first Hawaiians. The many immigrants who came to Hawaii brought their rich tradition of food and plants which covers the abundant landscape today.  Nalo Farms is a product of this agrarian culture and a vital part of the community.


Dean J. Okimoto, Owner/President and his team invite you to explore our website and learn about Nalo Farms and the produce we offer. 



No Farms.... No Food....


About our events

Nalo Farms, Owner/President Dean J. Okimoto is known on the culinary scene of Hawaii as "Da Farmer".  Although Dean is not a trained Chef, he has a passion for cooking with products he grows and this is why he and his Nalo Farms crew are invited to theese events.  They show case the unique flavors of Nalo Farms at the numerous events they attend throughout the year.  Look for Dean and his Nalo Crew at Fundraisers and Gala's. Here are a few events they attend yearly L'ulu Leeward Culinary Arts Gala, Touch of Iolani, Reach Out.

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